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Nancys Corner

Nancys Corner

The Hospice of North Idaho

This is where Nancy spent her last few days before she passed away. We were able to “pay our way” while they cared for Nancy but they would have given the same dedicated and professional care to us even if we had been dead broke. They never turn anyone in need away and their level of service is not based on how thick a family’s wallet happens to be.
Over the years I have done business with or provided services for many retirement homes and Hospices. This is the most caring, cleanest, professional and best I have ever seen. If you would like make a small donation in Nancy Collar’s name - for which I will THANK YOU in advance - you can make a donation here Hospice of North Idaho . They have a $10 minimum, take most major credit cards and will accept donations using PayPal account.


The American Cancer Society

Nancy always believed in and gave to The American Cancer Society as it’s one purpose is to help any cancer victim regardless of their station in life. . One of the questions they ask is – “Would you like to make this gift in honor or in memory of someone?” so please show Nancy Collar as that person. They have a $50 minimum and take most major credit cards and will accept donations using your PayPal account.

For our United States friends both of the charities on this page are tax deductable.




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