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Dr. John Cappello is a Doctor who has researched (reference backed) and found how to release more of your OWN bodies Stem Cells and has put those in a Vitamin “D” enhanced Daily Vitamin. He continues to research and develop additional and TESTED Health Products as shown here.

He does not offer any product unless it has been tested, patented and proven. We have a REAL Doctors products that cannot be copied by anybody for the next 18 years!! In other words these products were formulated BEFORE any Internet access was ever offered.

There is a very nice Internet Marketing set up for Affiliates. You can make a nice return but Dr. Cappello was and is a Doctor FIRST and an Internet Marketing person after that. I have been with him from almost the start and he now has a programmer that is getting the Marketing Tools and Website set up for any of us to actually make a very good return for our time spent.

A good many of the Dr.’s products have the Stem Cell Nutrition in them and I think this is the best supplement in the world to help you avoid the problems associated with embryonic stem cells received from a donor in the hospital environment. In other words the stem cells this product causes to be released into your system ARE YOURS FROM YOUR OWN BONE MARROW!!

When it comes to any health products I never believe all the hype UNTIL I actually try them myself.

I have proven to myself that these products work and are real and because of that I have added JDI to the Mature Pen here at NoBullChit.

Call me old fashioned but I ALWAYS try something out BEFORE I tell anyone to look at it. Take some time and check out ALL his products with the links below – YOU just might find one that will help you or someone you know.

Patented JDI™ Multi Vitamin/Stem Cell Nutrition

Vita-Stim Patented Concentrated Stem Cell Supplement

For a short time JDI was under the control of a “so called” internet group that did not have the knowledge or the customer concerns needed to actually be successful with this already proven website and product. Dr. Cappello recently was successful in getting the courts to reinstate him the actual owner again. The following products are being reevaluated and most (if not all) may be put back in production.

Hungarest® Patented Diet & Energy Aid

Patent Pending Cardio Forte™ for Cardiovascular health & MUCH more.

Infinity™ Patented Anti-Aging & Body Repair Support

Infinity™ Plus Anti-Aging Support - one notch above the Infinity Anti Aging product

EmergentO2™ Water Oxygenator aids in Hydration of cells, tissues plus MUCH MORE!

JDI™ Three In One™ Miracle Serum™ Aids in pain relief to sore joints and muscles & MORE

NeuStem™ Cell Helper is a unique patent pending NEW approach to increasing adult stem cell circulation.

ResoluCan™ What Is Cancer Nutritional Support?

Veral™ Looking for a SAFE Way to Boost Testosterone???

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12 Second Commute 

This is the site for anyone who wants to have ALL the tools REQUIRED to run any legal online venture.

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Our clients stay with us for a lot of reasons but maybe most importantly they stay because:

We provide all the Internet Marketing Tools needed to become successful on the Internet.

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Ultimate License

It is amazing how few online marketers understand the good business practice of using incentive offers to turn prospects into buyers. And, it is even more amazing that those few who use incentive give-aways offer one measly eBook and think that will be enough to get people motivated to take action. NOT HERE!! This is loaded with FREE GIVE AWAY incentives!

You can make money by simply giving away Ultimate License Accounts.

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You’ll gain exposure for yourself and your business.

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Perfect For:

Anyone just starting out online

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Anyone who wants their own private e-library

Anyone wanting to make money online—legally, ethically and responsibly

Upgraded Clients

Built in spam free mailer that allows you to send emails every other day to your free members and you NEVER receive any emails yourself.

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